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Hoa's angels are a small group of big hearted Christian women with big plans to provide shelter, education and basic living needs to live well opposed to barely surviving on the streets. We give love and supplies ( not money due to corruption of 3rd world countries ) to ill children worldwide. Hoa's Angels Charity Foundation was founded by EmmyLee in 2006 after a close brush with death.

The angels come from all over Australia and have collaborated together in combining their passion, vision, talent and celebrity status to take the world on a journey to the doorsteps of another side of life. One which we frequently seem to forget and ignore. We have over 150 Surrogate Angels worldwide who support us alongside our generous sponsors, family, fans and friends.

We want to communicate to the public, churches and schools what really lies outside of our Australian border. We do this through events, media, public speaking, interaction and special visits. Our interest also branches out into the sex slave industry, mainly operating in 3rd world countries.

We welcome women from all walks to come experience our journeys oversea's, to lend a helping hand and to see a world unknown to us ( conditions apply on eligibility to attend ). If you are ready to extend your love, energy and wings to help change the lives of these children, you will find these children will change your life too.

So now is the time to take flight with us, open your heart and extend your loving hand into the lives of these precious children and help shape their future into a safe and loving environment.

Love & Blessings Hoa's Angels Charity Foundation xxx : : : You Tube hoa's angels : 0404486687
Charity Registration Dept.Fair Trading 1877